Livestorm books 68% more sales demos.

The results were good, the email had an 11% conversion rate, allowing Baremetrics to bill over $14,000 in additional revenue during the following week.
Steve McQuillen
Product Manager at Webflow
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Meet the team

Jason Dela Cruz

Tech Guru

Jason is an experienced tech guru with more than 12 years of IT experience. His passion is helping users fix their technology issues from desktop computers to cloud and beyond.

He is constantly up to date with the latest technology and trends, provides a simple experience for technology related issues with Aquafruit's clients and is easy going.

He is  a cat lover with 4 cats, plays basketball during his free time and loves watching NBA.

Jason Dela Cruz

Keethana Sathasivam

Projects / Operations Manager

Keethana has more than 10 years within HR at one of the largest banks in the world. After deciding to move to Australia, Keerthana started a new challenge with Aquafruit managing projects and the day to day operational running of the company. Keerthana has a passion for helping people, spends her own time working with charities, disadvantaged children and is trying to make the world a better place.

Keerthana drives Aquafruit as if it where her own and is at the forefront of day to day communications and problem solving with our clients.

Keethana Sathasivam

Cindy Marquez

SEO Guru

SEO manager with 6 years of experience helping businesses rank high in search engines.

Cindy has successfully increased sales and leads for new and established companies by applying Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and Email marketing techniques.

Combining different strategies to get optimal results.

Cindy Marquez

Dilyana Glaser

Social Media Manager

My mission is to transform the social media presence of companies. I create premium designer content and ensure a highly engaging and functional profile for modern businesses and entrepreneurs.

A stable social media strategy lies at the heart of success here. I’m an expert in this and in everything that comes with it.

From hashtags and best posting times, through creative writing for captions, to heavy analytics and optimisation process. My goal is to reach a wider audience, ensuring progressive visibility of brands across social media platforms.

Dilyana Glaser

Olivander Malpass

Mascott and Hunger Buster

Oli is one of the most charismatic cats on the planet. Not afraid to ask for anything (or ask for 3 X times more) .. Oli's personality shines bright at all hours of the day.

He is an avid paper ball soccer player and brings joy to the organisation with his antics and day to day heroics. Having been rescued from a cats home in county Wangaratta, Victoria Australia, Oli has flourished in his new surroundings and leaves no butterfly un-chased.

He brings warmth and humour the team when they need it most.

Olivander Malpass

Opal Malpass

Quite achiever and master mouser

Opal came to Aquafruit from the Wangaratta cat's home in Victoria Australia. She is unusual in both appearance and overall demeanour .

Opal is quite, unobtrusive, but has a streak of lighting that allows her to rocket from zero to 100 in 2.9 seconds.

She is playful, furry, always happy and brings a warmth to the team with her small petit purr and overall nature.

Having taken up the challenging of mousing and succeeded, Opal keeps the team in check and always make sure that play time is as important as work time.

Opal Malpass

Scott Malpass

Co-founder & CEO

Scott is an outgoing entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. His approach to problem-solving is often outside of the box but backed up with sound industry practice and an outstanding work ethic.

His motto is simple. "Life is short- make it count."

He has a passion for getting the most juice out of any engagement and firmly believes in human to human connections and being a guide to his clients.

He currently consults to Australian Government and also owns and operates both Aquafruit Media and Simple Shift Digital. He is always available for a coffee catchup. So reach out.

Scott Malpass